Clarity, the nothingness of existence

Our lives, molecules squirming passed each other on a grand specimen slide vying for a comfortable position in amongst other, but never do.
I’m still trying to live among them, vying for a place. I may know how it works, the specific logistics, but I still live here. It may seem better not knowing playing dumb and just marching along with the masses. I don’t want to show anyone the way.
That’s why preachers and teachers of all kinds push to create sects to believe in. All I want to do is watch, observe and note the passing of time until I expire. Let’s not make it difficult nor painful. Enjoy the decades as they pass and write. The way things work is fine. I’ve always felt but unlike most I could never come to terms with the nothingness of existence.
It’s like I’m late to the game.
Beyond knowing the simplest of truths there seems to be nothing else; what is beyond the simple truth.
There is no blue medal or a great award. There is nothing know. I’ve written and thought about this for a very long time but now, it is clear.
Clarity isn’t anything new and life has been made clear for so many before. Doesn’t make you a better person or even a good person, really, what is good, what is bad. It’s still very easy to take advantage of people.
Is that it all there is?
I could stay blind to the lack of importance of truth and just accept what I’ve been shown.
I feel almost let down, disappointed in the conclusion; where’s the cheese. As if I’ve completed the maze and I get nothing for it. So why not have fun running through the maze when the maze is actually the point? Or make it the point?
I feel like there’s nothing more to say.
All this life and that’s all there is…
Makes me almost angry but I found the truth and it’s so simple yet humankind makes it so complex and tragic wrapping in so much myth that it has killed people.
A cloud of doubt we generally accept as that of the complexity and confusion of the myth of reality.

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