Michael Moore Face Book Entry

A few months ago, while filming the brewing nationwide insurgency that will bring down Trump, I heard about a young woman from the Bronx running for Congress — Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The media simply refused to cover her. She was running against one of the top Democrats in the House, so the entire apparatus of the Party tried to block her and the press decided to ignore her. She was for Medicare All, a significant increase in the minimum wage, and an end to the Israeli persecution of Palestinians. She went to Flint to defend it’s poisoned children. She’s a proud member of the Democratic Socialists of America. She was the real deal, the kind of person we so desperately need in DC. So, back in the spring, I decided to film her. My crew followed her around as she was determined to knock on every door in her district. It was clear that she embodied everything that we needed in a leader who could help us turn this country around. Two weeks ago, she won. She defeated the Democratic establishment. It was an historic win — and then suddenly, the out-of-touch media discovered her! It’s been hilarious watching them trip all over themselves trying to figure out “what her victory means.” Hahaha. I hope they find out what the rest of us already know — that there is a tidal wave heading toward the voting booths in November. Congratulations again, Alexandria!! You are a true beacon. You continue to outsmart them. What are they going to do when you are seated amongst them? One shining light of immense honesty in that chamber will blind them, discombobulate them. They will, at that moment, have the choice to go toward your light and truly fight for the people, or they can stay beholden to the monied interests and the status quo (and there they will meet the end of their political careers). It was great to be with you backstage 2 nights after your victory where we both did Stephen Colbert’s show (pictured below)! Stay strong, we’ve got your back, and onward to a spate of crushing victories in November!


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