Two Pigeons

I saw two pigeons early this morning as the sun rose…as they canabilized a third pigeon, wings spread, it’s guts open and covered in blood… it turned it’s head to look at me as I watched, I watched, I sensed an overwhelming…awareness, as if I was being watched…the other two birds quickly startled flew away but turned back to feast on the bird uncaring of me watching, as if I mattered…I should stop them, I stepped in cautiously, to wave them off both fluttered one flapped it’s wings and hovered to stay in position warning me as the other continued to feast…
A dog rushed up from behind barking at me…then reached in to snatch the dying bird running down the empty street with it in it’s teeth as the pigeons followed close, disappearing around the corner, out of sight…
Every day after I couldn’t keep the sight of the pigeons out of my mind…other animals seemed to stop and stare at me as walked by, pigeons occasionally perched on the balcony rail but now seemed too always be watching me…

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