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Maria & The Child
…see that which is already with you and within you…
…to find the hero we need in ourselves…
a story by ralph pitre
For Catherine…
La Vida de La Dona y El Cuerpo del Cacique / “Boriken”
Monde Viejo/Euro-Bound
Native inhabitants of a land far across the Atlantic, arrive on the shores of Portugal in the year 1491. They arrive in a large vessel. Each is equipped with survival pouches, and information describing the men whose lives they tried to save; men who arrived across the ocean and died in a horrible storm on rocks along a stormy shore.
They disembark and prowl the forests in search of someone who might help them. They do this without calling attention to themselves. Skirting along the edge of villages they judge who they will communicate with. They watch the daily lives of the inhabitants of this new land.
Maria & Matthias
“Dando y dando, palomita volando” if you receive you must give,
comparte el amor
I will take flight as I grow with my wings of great integrity to share all I’ve learned with the world…
“Si querida.”
“Que Papi?” Maria, laying on the grass, looked up toward Father…
“What will I learn, Papi?”
“Todo querida. Con Todo el cuerpo…”
For how long?
Siempre. Por siempre…
“And who will I share it with?”
She wonders and looks at Matthias.
So often she wondered of him, Matthias and their change…
He stood at the dock and
Wondered at the shore line of the coast that
Looked out into the great sea
Wondering of his home…
“Your greatest love.”
And she longed for…
All that she left and was…
All she had known, wanted and who?
Alone…she longed for all she promised herself, those she dreamed of and still dream of…
Maria…Maria was her name, Maria Agatha… the Latin form of Mary taken from the Hebrew Miryām, a name under much debate. Many believe it to mean “sea of bitterness” or “sea of sorrow”, sources cite the alternative definitions of “rebellion,” “wished-for child,” and “mistress or lady of the sea.” The name is borne in the Bible by the mother of Jesus, the son of God. It is not what she imagined and would not imagine the thought for years. Maria was just a young girl and the only male presence in her life was her father who could never entertain any sexual urge or thought to satisfy Maria. She was not even a woman yet but the presence of Matthias would begin to change those thoughts, make her see, make her aware of the woman present and call it to attention, call her to appear and wonder of her needs, desires and questions that would have been answered with the help of a mother who was never in her life.
Matthias… his name was Matthias, “gift from God,” typically given to the much desired first born son of a Christian family. Matthias therefore usually has a healthy sense of self-worth, strong, independent and self-assured. Matthias’ mother had become a Christian while her husband, The King, would lead his people in the war against Portugal, as she became the traitor, embraced Christianity, converting herself and the child and naming him as such to earn and satisfy her weaker religious needs.
Maria, born upon the death of her Mother, Don Lilo’s wife, Agatha ..Maria never had the chance to caress her mothers breast. Suckle a toast to life from her mothers nipples, salute the abundance a child should expect, instead she found her own way. Loving her Father but needing a mother. Agatha died at the violent hands of strangers, pale white men invaders in Africa during the Portuguese occupation of Mombasa. Mombasa, where Matthias’ Father, The King Ruled. It is where they both promised each other to care for the others current child. And it is why Lilo is recognizing Matthias’ arrival. For Matthias would become King after his Father, the King of his home, a just man who was deceived by the Portuguese into giving away his peoples land.
Maria imagined she could see the coast of Africa across the sea from where she lived with her Father in Catania. Their home sat on the edge of a stream that flowed into the Mediterranean.
“Tell me again Father where he will be coming from?”
“Over the horizon, we can’t see their home from here where he will be coming. The land he will be coming from is distraught. The Portuguese have landed and are taking their home from the people. Matthias will stay here until it is safe for him to go back. Until his Father the king and his mother can be found. Until then he will stay here with us.”
All of Maria’s Father’s offerings to her, friendship with Matthias she cherished most though spoke the least about, to whom she would never pledge her love and instead waited too long.
“In a city deep in Africa. along with his people, he battles the Portuguese for control of the land he is king of.”
“But if it’s his land why are the Portuguese fighting for it.”
“Because the Portuguese believe they can manage it better.”
Maria looked back at her Father. “Matthias’ Father must submit or battle for control. I’ve known the king many years.”
“The world would in times of strife, help with the cost of influence whether invasive or persuasive changing your home because the world can and truly believes their way is the right way, and they violently force their way, insisting, insisting… out of fear that their way may not be the singular right way, their way enslaves you.”
“It is greed Maria. In a world where people often need help, a much stronger aggressor often becomes invasive in the effort to offer help and instead becomes the aggressor and uses the weaker to feed off.”
“Yes feed. People feed off the weakness of others. There those believe know the and those believe who believe they guidance.
This world angers me, Maria.
Why Papi?
“So few are satisfied with what they have to live the rest of their lives but always want it all for the express purpose to oppress others who don’t have and never have had enough.”
Don Lilo was often heard commenting with another statesman about the Portuguese interest in Africa, “we battle the white man to influence and control all of the other black influence.
Their friendship was established quickly, soon after Matthias arrival from the near Mediterranean shores of Africa soon after they were introduced. Matthias traveled with his Mother away from what would become Kenya after the colonial period, his father a tribal King fighting the Portuguese.
Don Lilo’s house, by the river, so quiet, a visitor would barely notice that it was occupied.
Old, unkempt, so loved and lived in, the house, a young woman given to laying about in the sun, by the pool waiting for her lover to be free. Maria and Matthias became the best of friends until they aged to include thoughts of lovers… a matter of time until those thoughts bore fruit, set root and sprout quickly to become lovers.
Maria the love of innocence in sync with the innocence and love of a child in Matthias who would become a Kenyan King yet the darkness of truth whirled in their heat, a wheel of fortune spinning with choice.
Regret, at so young an age, is regret unto oneself…one looks at how brief life is and regrets the unfortunate choices made as battles lost without ever having fought them…
“Maria, baba yangu amekufa.”
“I’m sorry Matthias? Did you say? Your father – ”
“Yes, my father has died.”
“I’m sorry, Matthias.” She sat up, having laid down on the warm sunlit green grass.
Matthias, the dark haired, handsome boy, The Moor child, she’s grown so fond of, who stayed and Don Lilo adopted until he had grown into a young man, Matthias he was called by his family, so fond he was of Maria and knew for so long ago as she matured into a young woman, who amused her in youth, long before Baldo, never could…even though Matthias was looked upon as suspicious by so many. Maria noted his dark skin as others noted and became apparent to others and worried some without cause.
“When did he die?” Said Maria.
“A communique your father handed to me, from my mother.”
“Your mother?”
“Really, your mother? She’s been found?”
“Yes, una carta. A note from my father before going into battle and another from my mother that she came out of hiding and found notes from my father letting my mother to whom he left me with and where. After that I was easy to find, but for the distance she traveled to find me was great. Did you know your father was a warrior, he fought along side my people, alongside my Father, Maasai Warriors for the Portuguese.”
“My mother angered my father by giving me a christian name in addition to a warrior name.”
“Then your father as a Somali Warrior must’ve had a warrior name. What is your warrior name?”
“My father did and I do. My father divulged it to me when I was very young, long before I understood the purpose and it’s meaning. A small piece of paper he entrusted me not to show to anyone, even my mother but I want to show it to you.”
“Yes Matthias I love that you entrust me.” She felt queer but refreshed. For as long as they had known each other, been together as friends, they were on the verge turning of mind to become adults and were sure they never would. They would always only be friends the rest of the way. War, death and family commitment would force them apart.
“Are you sure?”
“Yes. Of you? Yes.”
“You will keep my secret.”
“I will.”
“My Father called me Simaloi.”
Maria held the small note written in Swahili on a thin sheet of bark held close and carefully to her breast.
“What does it mean, Simaloi?”
“It means no matter how difficult my challenge is, I am capable of completing it by being exceptional, my quick wits and my tremendous adaptability to various powers. Which is why I am always needed! I have a special talent of coping with all hurdles that make me indispensable.”
“I don’t know much about my Mother, she died soon after I was born. My mother, Consuela was a distant cousin of your Father’s.” The weight of her sadness came washed over her again as it had so often before but knowing of Matthias’ happiness…
“Matthias?” Maria looked up….
She had been laying on her blanket on the grass and looked at Matthias…
“My father has died.” His voice had lowered to a whisper…In the few short years they knew each other, in those few short years.
Don Lilo cared for him, and Maria came to love him.
“My mother traveled far with her aides and she told me the sadness, far from our home, Abiba.”
“It isn’t so but I always imagined this was your home, I feel we came to be as…one.”
“I will miss you Matthias.”“I will miss you too Maria.”
…she longed for…
Her father, Don Lilo…the day before his death upon which he left her a trinket and a thought of defiance, “Dando y dando, palomita volando”…he sang as she danced roundabout his guidance…once he was everything to her but she never really knew him. And now there was only darkness…then Lilo gave way Matthias and they danced about in looming desire…
Matthias was already gone and age distanced them more. The world had changed and she sought more and looked where never expected.
They are a couple in love they became older and their love became real though unsure. She was fascinated by his physique and him with hers. Time limited, his mother coming get him.
From afar she could see him talked at a distance she could see him talking to his mother.
This is something both expected and dread.
Maria, she watched Matthias walk away, a kiss unkissed, a touch untouched, a desire or undesired…Matthias looked back as mother tugged…
Matthias was raised in the house of a Spaniard, in the arms of their love, he walked away from her, feeling her release she watched him as he walked, along the river bank away from the bridge and… as if he missed the crossing then walked up to the foot of the bridge, looked the length then looked back at Maria. She was going to be different, grow different, become important and it was time and though they didn’t hear a call, it seemed they were, as if they were.
“Matthias, do you believe in God,” she asked.
I dream of God and yearn to sleep when awake to open the caverns of God when I sleep. I know God is there but I can never find God. I love to talk about God. The mystery of God is that there is so much to know because there is so much mystery. Simply put, God has created us and yet we really don’t know why.
Yes, God’s presence is deep, almost unknowable, deep, but look often, look often and the walls will open, you will become aware.
Have you been there, to God’s Caverns?
Not yet, but I dreamed that I had dreamed of them, one day, I will find my way there.
Tell me about the Caverns of God.
God is not a person, a being that you can categorize.
But the Cavern’s?
God lives no where but is all over, to behold, to have a presence
For a moment she tried to imagine his thoughts.
I have been there Maria. Gods Caverns. How? But you say it can not be categorize, God has no home. But I have seen it. Not in a dream but not asleep but and expanse of being I don’t understand but that I don’t clearly.
Matthias, I didn’t know that you were so aware of God.
He looked confused by her query.
True, you and I have never spoke of this but I have thought of God often. I spent many years as a child. I don’t know when I started. One day I was aware of these thoughts. I talked to the Catholic priests and the Priests and wise men of our Tribe not so much to follow but to learn why. To know the purpose.
Come Matthias his mother called. It is time to go.
Maria watched from a distance, the child with his mother, they talked and she felt their loneliness invade, a darkness from without felt clouding her sight of him.
Don Lilo watched from an upper floor window as Matthias walked away. When they were gone Don Lilo walked to Maria seated by the pool.
“I will miss him father.”
“I will miss him also, Maria.”
“Why does he have to go.”
“His mother needs a man for the house. For Matthias it is that time. He has become a man, that man needed to assume the duties of a man, a King, to carry on his father’s wishes at which his mother will be come disappointed when he becomes a man and that King he must and not son she can’t have.”
“And why do you not need a woman?”
“Yes. Your mother. Your mother died, you know that. I decided that after your mother I would prefer to be without a woman. Maybe one day long from now, in a different place as different people and in a different way, you and Matthias will meet again.”
“What way will that be, Father.”
“Ese es el futuro, mi Palomita, no puedo decírtelo.”
Maria relates her yearn her sadness for Matthias silently telling her father nothing about her feelings, her concern for Matthias.
Conversation among soldiers about the growing world… Not enough of the world no matter the shape for every animal, man, woman or child…
Maria & Lilo / Padre / “Dando y dando, palomita volando” / remember that you have to die
Don Lilo, long delayed a much needed journey back home to Genoa… “Dando y dando, palomita volando”… he recalled the days of life together with his daughter before the dilemma of wealth and the cold indifferent world that had come between them…”you were a free bird once and yet, you chose jewels of iron to bejewel yourself in tarnished glamour.”
Don Lilo had come into money, after selling selling off his small but successful shipping concern in Genoa to Baldo and The Church. Moving to Málaga, with his daughter Maria, Don Lilo continued to manage shipping details of the business while he set his daughter free who then turned against him, broke his heart to be an elitist socialite. Don Lilo unhappy with the wealth bestowed upon him sought to give Maria the rich life he felt she deserved…the life that would eventually drive her away from him…and to Baldo.
Don Lilo was openly against Maria’s relationship with Baldo, who was more than fifteen years her senior, too old it seemed, to pique the interest of such a young and innocent girl, but the glimmer of wealth in a big city became the draw and her comfort. Though in doubt, she longed for the hope she imagined upon agreeing to marry Baldo…despite her father…and the awareness that her self-imposed ignorance resulted in Father’s death.
The sound of duende filled the air as he walked alone in the streets of Málaga after drink and celebration then sadness, the cries and sound of anguish and tragedy from an open window came the sound of a gypsy song… death in the guise of familiar faces from the darkness of la cantina. A night of misery that caressed him in fear, the two men came to him as he drank and as festive as they were they wondered who he was, where he came from, why he was here in Malaga… “you sound Genovese, si, why are you here?”
“My daughter…”
“Su hija, si, bella, si….
“Es bella.”
“Let us drink with you, liven your misery, jest with us until then, until your misery is gone.”
And they did, their familiar faces became darkness without jest, death was their friend to introduce to Don Lilo…The men hovered and laughed over Don Lilo’s bloodied body, his eyes and body deflated of its soul, the shell collapsed of structure but longing for Maria…the two men walked away with death having spoken it’s orders and carried out.
Don Lilo dragged his limp and beaten body back to the Last Cantina he visited; by the time The Crowns soldiers noticed and identified the body and his importance, he had died from the assault. An inquest ordered by the court found no suspect… before Maria left for the new world and had lost interest…
remember that you have to die
To see the darkness…
after the light
haunts the light and remains always there…
Even in the light there is darkness without expectation…
There is never only light…
But when there is no light there is darkness…
Before the light there was always and only darkness…
Light must rest from questions of the darkness…
Darkness by default questions existence itself…
Darkness is why…
It is assumed that only the light consumes energy but darkness is the energy…
It is a side that seems to deceive…
But in truth is honest, almost to a fault…
Its feared because it represents as unknown as the truth really is…
What we perceive as the truth is an assumption and accepted without question while darkness is questioned and preferred but humankind doesn’t ask but more often questions the light assuming the answer and fears the darkness because it’s questions answered…
Darkness has its consequences as all do, always ask a question or be taken a fool…
Alone on the ship Maria travelled and pondered all she left behind and the fear she sailed into, so much of it hers but the fear of others…. They were upon the Lord’s bounty the Lord’s beauty… Have we been offered enough?
Balbo had insisted she bathe herself in a complex skin bath to lighten her complexion… Her skin was too dark her mixed heritage was showing through.. She would have to change to fit by his side, otherwise…
Maria & Baldo
In this year of our Lord, 1569 and great King Philip II of Spain, Don Baldo and his wife, Maria now known as La Dona Maria had come to live their lives in San Juan Bautista. Now a young important lady of Spanish society, La Dona Maria, finally came to live with her husband, Don Baldo in the King’s recent land possession, a very large parcel in La Isla de San Juan Bautista. Twenty-six years old as history reveals her, Maria arrived long after Baldo had and neither was especially eager to see the other when she finally did and sat for a quiet dinner… a civilized, proper woman of status who often said the right things at the right time in the right way but deliberately remained uneducated and illiterate when she married. While in Spain and previously as a child in Genoa, Maria didn’t beckon opportunity, query or challenge the existing societal protocols. Spain and the new land held nothing for her but isolation, thus she would come to regret having so far wasted her life…
The King had awarded Don Baldo, along with a small group of landowners in Spain, an opportunity to develop commerce in “El Puerto Rico” through the development of agriculture and the mining and transport of gold and other minerals in the Kings new land; called such by the merchants who noted the potential for great wealth the Island and the new world offered to the old.
Don Baldo hosted a tour for his guests; the elite of society, through most of the completed parts of the new house, all of whom traveled from Spain to spend time on the estate; having sailed for weeks to celebrate a new life, a new home and distinction appointed by The King to settle the new land along with a few other Spaniards and celebrate Nochevieja…..Don Baldo, a brutish man of obvious intelligence, physically fit and thick though showing the legacy of a physique once built, now soft and plump…Baldo had been honorably discharged from the King’s army and was now tasked to begin an operation in the King’s new world, taking his brother Tomas, who had been told to leave the King’s army under the guidance of his brother. Tomas also brutish still built and self indulgent, but showing age and wear though sharp almost invasive eyes where the fear of age had instead become an acute awareness of danger and death…and the strength he held to manage the consequences of confrontation…
Baldo, after several problems with the presence of blood money in his and Tomas’s financial dealings; were sent to establish a hold on Puerto Rico’s trade market to supply the Spanish, traders and partners in the rich port of San Juan Bautista…
Es como un Cacique…joven
She looked down upon her cupped hands to see the memento mori, a talisman, a reminder of life as it is and has been…“Remember, thou art mortal.”
And she thought…
Love and hate…
…cry the wont of desire in words of song that emerge from the music of an Iberian-Muslim performer and band leader, Esteban Daza and his band…Seńor Daza’s band, whose visit and performance was a gift from the King, was a contemporary and prominent musical artist throughout Spain and much of Europe. Well known for their very edgy look and sound, Daza and his band displayed a very provocative, effeminate and androgynous look; they arrived a few days before Baldo’s other guests, played favorites, establishing a theme for the house and the King’s authority, played Nochevieja, “an ode to all that has come before and will… a ballad of all our regrets, our pain and desires we are leaving behind in the past year and hope to encounter in the next.”
As Daza and the band performed, Maria looked across the room to the stair landing. There her deceased father stood for a moment, draped in dying fauna, dressed in a fine tanned linen suit…sadness seemed to overwhelm his sudden appearance and she wondered, knowing it was her sadness…his death teased her, tears welled up calling attention to the emptiness she felt even when Baldo was about…but she smiled, nonetheless.
After providing a tour for his guests, Don Baldo took note of Seńor Daza and paused at the top of the stairs a moment…he looked across the room at Daza as his guests collected on the stair landing and then to Maria as she returned a quizzical gaze…
Maria stood from her chair, summoning Irene, her ladies maid; perhaps her closest friend and the other women of the colony and their Maids. They approached and encircled Daza and his band of Troubadours where she greeted him and the band…
“Nochevieja, Señora…May I play a song for you, Dona Maria”?
Maria nodded, a flirting perhaps coy smile the other women emulated…she was desired again as she had been on the continent…for a moment here where she was alone in a veil of male desire…
A year had passed and Baldo was finishing a new house, modeled on a contemporary architectural style popular on the continent and constructed amongst the Iberian imperial experimental fields of sugar and coffee as well the islands crop of cassava, corn, vegetables, fruit, and rice that he was charged with. When complete, already six months under construction, Baldo would inform his guests and many queries from Spain; the house would occupy the same land area as that of the town…a residence for he and his wife, guest rooms, a military barracks to accommodate the King’s soldiers, a master kitchen, a dining salon and mess hall, stables to accommodate horses and other animals adjacent to a farm, a small garden, a jail on the same floor as the slave quarters…
Maria and her clique of lonely women surrounded Daza and the band performing serenades meant for the women of the colony, a concern often discussed on the voyage from Spain; the loneliness of their lives in a foreign land and the void he hoped to fill for them through his music… “Si Señor, una canción de la gitana reprimida.”
Taking note of the small mirror Daza presented to the women, Baldo approaches Daza with a greeting, hoping to break Maria’s attention to the mirror and the fondness of the other women to the bands allure…though even Daza’s wasn’t enough to satisfy Maria’s desire; how does anyone find the solace they wish in such a male dominated wilderness? La Dona knew she was nothing else but a possession to Baldo, to flaunt and use in society to promote his single minded purpose of power.
“Seńor Daza, isn’t my new home so beautiful?” Don Baldo spoke up. “Very much like the homes we left behind in Spain, si Seńor?” Looking at Daza, caressing , fondling the brushed white cement and waiting for an acknowledgment, getting nothing then looking to his guests, Don Baldo announces…
“Hombres, please join me for a drink of the Kings brandy and celebrate Nochevieja…Señor Daza, if you would please…play.” Daza broke the song he had been playing for Maria and quickly found something to serenade Don Baldo.
…Maria knows the experience of the others…
So lost…
So out of touch…her only acquaintances that of the other lonely women on the island, the soldiers and the occasional traveler passing through…
“Seńor, I’m told you are a fantastic performer, desired by many of the most important families in Spain”…she said to Daza.
“Señora, I am here to perform for you and you are a member of one of these important families from Spain…why are you here?”
“At the request of the King, after all, there’s more than gold to be had from San Juan…”
“Si, Seńora…” said Daza stepped back a moment “…and how is your relationship with Don Baldo?”
“Married and quite lonely…Baldo is often occupied with his and the Kings island interests…”
Baldo and the visiting colonists celebrate Nochevieja, the arrival of the New Year, eating grapes hourly and nursing the King’s strong Brandy until dawn. Seeing themselves as revolutionary by challenging the will of the Spanish Empire and the wishes of the King, commending themselves, while at the same time ignoring their elegant wives and using the slaves for hard labor.
Domingo, a caballero and rancher loyal to the King a suave, handsome man, much different from the others, arrived with a gift from the King to La Dona Maria; a very dark male native standing strong and tall against the weight of iron cuffs, chains and wooden blocks held taut by Domingo’s men as they hauled him to the landing. Domingo, very intelligent and thoughtful man, composed and aware of the volatile midst within which his mild almost innocent demeanor he must operate in, who felt all men should be free, often spoke his mind, shining a brightness many felt was too bright.
Domingo’s men held the dark native taut in the harness he was lashed in at the top stair landing knowing they had caught the bull of the natives and one would think, how he was so strong a man to be caught so easily. Turning to Baldo, Domingo explains the native is not just a worker but a native who has thwarted Indian and Spanish authorities for years, living in the wilderness, a native curador, his intelligence is superior to the others and he might be useful for more than just tending to the fields.
“Domingo, please,” Baldo said. “You sound enthused by the natives abilities, leave intellect to the Spanish…”
“And you?” said Domingo. “
“Never mind what I am to them and what you think of me except that I am a warrior… those we conquer only serve the Crown, whatever that may be and nothing else. The Church has decreed their dark skin is a sign of their deficiencies.” After a moment, Don Baldo continued, “Maria will find some use for it, if she can, if it is worth making use of…if not I will.”
Baldo’s guests join him in laughter and walk off into a larger sitting room where the servants pour them more drink.
As he joins the other guests, Domingo takes note of a man who bears an incredible likeness to Baldo who then proudly turns to all and introduces “Tomas, mi hermano.” Tomas and his aides, reluctant to step out of the darkness they cluster evermore in a tighter circle around Tomas. Tomas arrived on the ship with the others but stayed alone and isolated from the rest…Domingo did at one point during the voyage, notice a man on deck who reminded him of Baldo but before he could approach, the specter disappeared…”como un vampiro”. Tomas deliberately stayed unseen, hidden from the other passengers until their landing and even then Tomas disembarked separate from the other passengers, trying to stay, unnoticed.
Tomas drank alone…sulking, fuming constantly as a flame one can never truly stamp out…something if not everything gnawed at him, it seemed that he couldn’t quite care for anyway, a gnaw he tells no one of…it smolders and he relishes it to rise from its ashes as a flame seeking to expire with everything around him…
Warrior brothers, Baldo and Tomas…Baldo entered into business with funding from the King, his criminal behavior and associates from the wars…Tomas became a mercenary who relished in the misery and death of others as well as the fortune, much more sadistic than Baldo and eventually entering into the employ of The Papal Inquisition, or rather the Tribunal of the Holy Office of the Inquisition …then of course the employ of his brother…
Though not twins, Baldo and Tomas look very much alike; Tomas, who is not so trusting of most people, especially of Maria’s assumed innocence believes her untrustworthy and cunning…Tomas, a paranoid man, likewise not to be trusted and equally not trustworthy…single minded about his intentions, very much into his own interests above all else…he sees protecting Baldo equal to protecting his own interests and will do so without concern for others…
In conversation with Domingo who, like other men, is enamored with La Dona, Tomas detests La Dona and other women equally, he sees La Dona as a threat to his brother and any threat to his brother is a threat to him. Standing just outside, Tomas listened in and could hear the women yearn and talk of their mundane lives away from the luster of Spain. Surrounded by thick jungle there was nothing but the monotony of green fauna as far as they could see…
Baldo appears from behind and requests Tomas’ attention. Domingo has provided Maria a gift, a slave to attend to her needs. Along with Tomas, Baldo tells Maria they have received a gift from the King, delivered by Domingo.
Anani engaged in a last supper with his group before he would leave the group and find his captors….
The moment of anani’s capture…
“Señora”, Domingo informs La Dona, “Anani, the new male slave taken during a recent rally, comes from deep in the jungle outside of the compound who supposedly never worked any ones field’s, a renegade Taino native…a curador who has avoided capture.” “Which means,” Tomas says, “he has not experienced hard work as has all the slaves but has been frolicking in the forest avoiding responsibility.”
Maria points out “we have many servants and slaves. What will we do with another who cannot speak our language nor understand our customs, what to do with another slave?”
“An answer, my love or I will decide.” Baldo turns to walk away as his men file away in unison…
Anani stands in the dark, out of complete view of La Dona trying to look into the room as a guard pulls him back. Likewise, Maria looks back into the outer room where Anani stands in wooden blocks and chains his darkness beholds a mystery she doesn’t understand but hopes to, seeing the whites of his eyes pierce through the darkness he stands in…he sees her past, Matthias, the others who fill the room and for a moment they have recognition of each other and desire lights a candle of interest…
Irene, reaching in to comment from behind, points out that it is “a gift from The King, it is only appropriate that you accept it, Señora…”
Looking at Baldo as he walks away…”Well, if my husband believes so… and you put it with the others and awaken Tilda to tend to him…keep him chained until I decide what better to do…”
Irene approaches La Dona to whisper, “Señora, I would like you to meet Sema, a native who can act as ladies maid I’ve trained her myself.”
“That’s fine; do you think I will need her?”
“It’s possible I may have to tend to Don Baldo’s additional needs when he travels”, taking notice as she walks along the balcony La Dona Maria sees Don Baldo and his visitors take a native woman and raping her in the old stable on the perimeter of the fields…Angered, upset and interrupting Irene, “that he would rather consort with a slave rather than bed me in such passion to provide her a child…”
“Señora, in time.…he will never provide her a child deliberately and if so will sadly excise the child and kill it. Sad, that Baldo has a use for her but it is not a child but his own satisfaction. Baldo wants you pure even of him until he believes you are ready. I know he uses her like others to appease him, but you will bare a child, your child.”
“A boy, and what if I bare a girl and not a male child?”
“He will kill it.”
Maria sat alone, resting, squatting at the end the great hall down from her quiet bedroom, she thought of Matthias, she thought of Anani. The hall, long, like memory with an abundance of sadness failed her.
As she had recalled, Mathias was a strong boy, but a boy. When she first met him, tall and enamored with him at first more so as he stayed she liked him even more, Mathias, she often thought of him after she arrived on the island even once she met Anani, Maria recalls memories of Mathias, a smart older boy of Moorish descent who was adopted by Don Lilo when his Caucasian father died in Africa and no one could find his Black mother.
Maria ponders the new slave brought out for her. She fancied Mathias, the Moor she knew as a child and often played with was the son of a soldier who had not returned from battles afar and was instead sought by his mother. Though her father never denied their friendship their relationship was kept silent and away from other less favorable than her father. Until his mother came The mother had taken him away into unexpected danger.
Maria can’t help.
She can’t help but be remind herself of Matthias after meeting Anani, his strength bound, it seemed and she imagined waiting – for what?
“La Dona?”
“Si Senor, Daza.”
“Quiere entrar?”
Maria walked the halls alone.
She pondered long by herself. She pondered long, the women she called her friends only because they were they were only women she knew on island. Daza and his band were provided with wonderful rooms on the master level like the other gusts of privilege. Maria walked the halls looking for interest…Señor Daza opened his door after Maria had passed, she stopped and looked back to meet his attention.
“Senor Daza, are you alone?”
Opening the door a little wider, Maria looked in to see Graziela, the female singer in band, laying on the bed vaguely trying at first to hide behind lingerie then seeing Maria letting it fall away.
“Tonight, I am Maria. May I join you?”
“I am Graziela.”
Daza opened the door a little wider and Maria invited herself in to which he stepped back and allowed her to pass and close the door…
Maria dreams of making love to Anani and Matthias as dual headed black who first appears to her as a dark figure…
The dark figure appeared and Maria made love to Graziela and Daze.
Graziela becomes playful with Maria at the door and coaxes her quiere hablar y jugar. What do you want to play. Graziela, Es La Dona… you can call me Maria… why were you walking the halls alone, like walking the streets alone, quieres un juego?
¿Tienes un juego?
te gusta un juego?
I like Daza (Me gusta Daza)
Tell me…
Graziela exposes her nipples letting Maria kiss them and caress her breasts… Daza slides between Maria’s legs lips to lips.
takes the guitar plays her song for Anani/Matthias.
She felt she was cheating on Matthias.
Maria & Anani / Anani’s First Night
The distant sound of a flute, a guitar, each tuned with a hunger for melody, danced along the stone walls…a rumbling of hand played drums emerged, distant thunder caressing each demanding the senses listen…the halls fill as semen in a cup of warm menstrual blood.
Anani looks up at the stonework…
Blood trickled from the kiss of cold iron against Anani’s skin, the cuff wrapped tightly around his wrist, hanging from chains dribbling moisture, clasping the iron lattice roof completing the cage. The strength of the Spaniards and priests of The Catholic Missions; vampires eating the living, the dead and the soul of those they conquered, fuel for imperial tyranny was almost more than Anani expected, almost, though he would resist what was soon to come. Anani’s arms wrenched high and above his head, kneeling forward, knees scarred and tender from the pain inflicted by the guards whose indifference was equally palpable as they walked passed…
Sema knew Anani, his might and his intentions, exceptional though he would never have been caught if he desired it…Sema watched him from a distance hanging silent in the cage.
Sema was long an acquaintance and even now a friend of Irene. Irene had long hoped for a friend with an established native when she arrived; Sema had become a friend almost immediately. They were both looking for an advantage in an unknown world and culture and despite their innate differences there were many similarities that would get them through the storm.
On November 1493, Christopher Columbus was hailed by the Spanish Crown for his discovery of Puerto Rico on his second voyage to claim lands for the rulers of Spain, King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella. In 1493 the island was called Borinquen by the Indians who lived there. Columbus re-named it San Juan Bautista.
Anani was born in 1518, 57 years of age at this point, he was captured while sharing a small last supper with his followers and a group of Taino during a Spanish rally and immediately submitted to the Spanish guard present.
A very patient man, much older than most imagined, Anani knew of all the hardship to come… ever since the Spanish arrived he had been preparing for death, aware of how sudden it could happen…the force, that of hurakan… had come again… Anani knew of the forces that guided men to wantonly rule over others without care or respect… Years before, lost in memory, he had suffered such agony under the rule of a Native group that had seen fit to oppress the others… Anani found it possible to escape with an ailing curador, Mendoza and clear the oppression and develop under her guidance.
Anani learned much about his own people after the Spanish invasion, the fear the Spanish felt as well as the fear they commanded. The Spaniards and the Catholic Church saw the world in such a different way that The Taino frightened the Spanish as well as earned their respect…
Born after the Spanish had turned on the Taino… Anani noted the Spanish weren’t angry with them but angry with themselves and the stress of filling their need to rule those they conquered, their rage and a terrible fear of the unknown in The New World. Restless giants, moving on to fulfill restless needs undefined… cálmese… Frightened animals of fear…the end result wasn’t about winning but surviving the restless might of the Spanish… Anani, spent a lot of his time learning about himself and his people gathering information that would help defend the history of his people before the rage of the Spanish wiped them out… a curador, a wise man…he spent most of his life living off the land away from his own and the rage of the Spaniards…
A man like Anani is never just killed…his soul lives on without a proper ritual death that eliminates his being, his value to others, otherwise he lives on in the hearts and minds of those who worship and love him and as a threat to their conquerors… Anani will die young, relative to the ages of those who came before him, the world, civilization moves too fast and there is little time for his contributions… Where did the Spaniards find such rage…like most humans, conquerors lived under the belief of a well ordered existence, a well oiled machine with an established direction lacking purpose and that to follow order and procedure is what existed…to follow your own wishes was against the church, god and wrong… in that respect, Anani was a natural threat to others especially those in authority and must battle a Spanish guard while chained…
Looking out across the horizon, cloudless and filled with the colors of a setting sun, a great foreboding came over the calmness he knew for so long. After guiding Mendoza through her last few days of passage through life, he was now alone and knowing for so long that what had come before was to come again…
Last Rights
Maria sat in her wicker chair on the balcony looking out on one of the many acres of Don Baldo’s fields…
Daza approached La Dona, reminding her of the night before but she immediately reminds him last night, “was last night, a casual necessity, Seńor, an amusement that I need no more of as wonderful as it was, thank you…” she does own the hearts of men who desire her and in the new world she reigns…. but of nothing else…but herself, her proper ways, her ability to present herself as a woman of substance and though not a player among many, he exits her life no more than, no less than… “I hold the world but as the world, Dona Maria; a stage where every man and woman plays a part, mine favored by others, though a sad one.”
Baldo approaches as Daza leaves, neither acknowledges the other…
“I must go my love…” Baldo says. “The King requests a task that will take me time, months, and a year perhaps…as usual throughout the islands and eventually the mainland, the new world, to which I have yet to travel…” Baldo holds a hidden agenda; an objective… doubts seem to defy his objectives…
“I will have Tomas with me and he will leave aids to care for our needs as the King needs them and yours…”
Baldo rests her chin in his outstretched fist, clear in the knowledge that she knows, Baldo tries to console her “we will have sex when it is decided we will have a child…you are my love Maria, to be the mother of my son…in a place held high in waiting…I’ve chosen your purity and beauty…patience my love for you are greater than I desire, than I deserve…I will return, but I need you to tend to the business of the house at hand while I’m gone, most will tend to itself but stay aware…Be aware of the others. All this is yours while I am gone; but I shall return,” he warned.
Baldo turns quickly, calling the others to follow as the clamor of their swords; armor and the cadence of their march announce their departure… while Tomas slows his pace and turns to give Maria a penetrating look of distrust…
So much more and now the concerns of their domain become her concern…
Irene approaches from behind, “Señora, as I had previously mentioned, Sema is a confidant who I have enlisted, to care for you and only you as I am in care of so much more…”
“I need no one…” she said proudly.
“Perhaps, you believe….but it will be comforting while Don Baldo is gone…”
Maria quickly turned to Irene…”You worry that Baldo will be gone?”
“Yes, content that Tomas will not be here and instead will be with Baldo. Tomas has left an aide, to care and watch you, but not assist you… I have been made busy by them and I worry, Sema will help my concern, she is very good and devoted to her duty, to me and you…”
”Entonces Irene; bless your friendship in my Father’s absence…”
“Señora, the women of the island and I are devoted to you, whatever preparation is needed will be brought to bear to protect La Dona’s freedom…”
Irene noted, “and you should know, Dona, that Anani has been put to work in the fields…”
“The native curador brought to you over Nochevieja. Do you want him working in the fields?”
“A curador?”
“Put him to work in the field nearest the balcony so I can see him…”
“Si senora.”
Fugue…she imagined, nothing seemed complete, direction was given without completion…and the tasks of the slaves was continuous, likewise the tasks of their Masters…who were as much slaves to themselves, no one was truly free.
Anani had been put to work immediately by Quicando the arbiter of slaves, felt it necessary to be aggressive with Anani. Yes to nurture, to make him submissive and learn the ways of the church and the ways of a slave under the Spanish empire…only then would he survive, their way…
Quicando wasn’t known to care for the slaves but was practical in his concern for labor’s efficiency; which inherently translates to the slaves benefit…despite that truth, Maria noticed Anani seemed to attract a large measure of abusive care and… he was more dangerous to the Spaniards than one dare admit.
Maria felt loss as if she had for Mathias when his mother was about to take him away when Mathias was young.
Maria could see Anani buckle under the hardened bamboo reeds the guards used to beat him, first below in the darkened and misty lower floors of the building and now in the scorching crop fields above. He had lost the statuesque physique over night that she had seen stand before her the previous night on Nochevieja. This was the first he had been taken above to be trained, early in the morning just as the sun rose until Maria’s shaded appearance in the heat of the sun. He looked about but could never see beyond the shadows of the crippling heat, the sun and the punishment of the guards. Anani knew only the darkness from below until his sight grew used to the light and then he noticed her as she walked away into the darkness of the cool shade. Maria recalled Mathias and the longing he expressed for his father and for his home and as hard he tried to be without the hardship of not having father when he most needed one as an elder boy he tried very hard to trust his own resilience, Don Lilo and Maria, his effort was so obviously tested.
Maria recalls, Mathias, the boy…
La Dona, they called her, as he had heard from vague ramblings, of the others and of those above, concerns that she would be alone now that Don Baldo had gone off on business and left the command of the house to her. She had become aware of all she had purposefully dismissed from thought. At first a task that she was less concerned with was now one of interest and then one of great concern.
La Dona sat on the balcony in the comfort of her wicker chair looking out on the field where dozens of field workers, men, women and children toiled in the high noon sun tilling the soil. Unaware of the hardship and trauma the work really was putting them through… she was the child of privilege she imagined she was like them but they were far worse off than her, privilege isn’t a given, she thought, nor is it a right we deserve, it can be taken away and neuter you. The slaves’ lives were always in danger if anyone could imagine what their lives were like. They were tools of labor, nothing more. A man working in the distance looked like her Father. He stood for a moment, back hunched, shoulders down. Maria then looked away but every direction she chose to look in was another person; a person. She didn’t see or acknowledge them as tools from a kit to be used but more closer in she could see Anani, who became less a thought and more the reality of what she was causing and what she was becoming. One can never notice the mechanics of concern when it occurs, it is suddenly present and you become aware and act…
“Irene, when Quicando has finished with him for the day take me down to see Anani…” she stood up from her comfort and walked away…
Maria has lost her way…all those blessed intentions are lost…those moments I expected have become a truth so unexpected…I was to stay without wonder, without question, the horror was the truth discovered and unsettling making her defiant…
Maria awoke to an abyss, to look in between soft blood red and black satin curtains, she could see the Wizard awaken from his work, turning and noting the slightly parted curtain through which she could see him and it thrust a single eye of truth that turned her away in fear…
The day’s sun left the heat of the forest to fill the midday of the room as La Dona lay nude on the large bed, disturbed by the sudden dream subverting a rare moment of freedom away from the chaos she seemed to have inherited…a distant sound of footsteps danced along the wooden floors and stone walls than faded away. She could hear the sound of restless guitar strings, then a blanket of silence settled upon her for a moment…she turned over, facing the window into the fields, the forest, hands clasped and the world spoke to her in new sights and sounds she had never been aware of before… eyes and ears opened upon a new world and the old world pressed upon the forest like the boot of a child removing an ant hill from its imperial wanderings…suddenly cold, she unclasped her hands to raise the blanket and revealed her palms covered in blackness… she sat up to examine the blackness of her hands, painted in a black abyss of nothingness; dios mio, she proclaimed and clasped her hands as if to pray… Maria turned around to face the door and there stood a very large black dog watching her with blue eyes as if it had brought a gift to show. Maria was startled for a moment but the dog continued standing in position at the threshold, looking at her then at the window and then walked gently across the room, it’s large paws barely producing a sound from its paws and stood up on its hind legs in front of the window. Looking back at Maria, the dog paused to wonder then back to the window, when it jumped over of the railing, through the window and into the forest…Maria quickly turned over, leaping forward off the bed to look out over the window ledge into the forest and saw nothing, not a leaf had been disturbed. The dog was gone. Maria stepped back from the open window taking note that her palms were clear now. Looking back up into the room she saw that her Father appeared with Maria as a child sitting on the mattress. Whispering into the child’s ear, then looking back at Maria beside the open door he turned quickly to see Baldo marching, walking intently down the hall toward them in his formal military uniform and regalia. Don Baldo burst through the open door and roared like he had become a beast, angrily turning his head, stepping right up to Don Lilo, grabbing his arm to pull him viciously away from Maria and tossing him like a doll to the side. Baldo turns quickly back to Maria, his eyes bloodshot with rage, his mouth foaming, grabbing her by the arm and tearing it off to reveal the older Maria; then looks to see her at the window then turns and marches away…Don Lilo stands from the floor and crosses back to the bed, watches Baldo walk and turn to the stairs… he turns to look at Maria, holding his hands out pleading, “por favor.” A thunder clap and a heavy rain begin, she turns to see water pour from the sky… lightening strikes bringing sudden daylight… She stepped back from the window and the subtle spray of rain, to crawl back onto the bed. The thunder continued to roll until she turned and could hear the rumble become a stomping throng of slaves rushing passed the door. Maria looked out into the swarm filling the halls and a fire had been set to the wood trimming the stone walls. There, a large silhouetted figure, a black man, walking forward from among the flames, stood still, surrounded by the fire as the throng dissipated. She rests against the stone wall by the door away from the hall and she could hear the steps of the black giant walk gently by but never pass and instead become the distant sound of footsteps dancing along the stone walls and wooden floors fading away, silence and disappears… she awakens… in bed again
The house is darker, an early evening sun sets…
She thought, “Where am I? I have lost my way…all those blessed intentions are lost…those moments I expected have become a truth so unexpected…I was to stay without wonder, without question, the horror was the truth discovered and unsettling making her defiant…
Order from Chaos
Part II
“Quicando!!!” La Dona, called out.
Awaking in a terrible panic, La Dona looked out on the dark fields, the slaves were gone and noticed the sun was setting outside… She called for Irene, demanding she be escorted to the lowest floor.
“Señora, porque?”
“Irene, ayudame, escort me to the lower levels.”
“I don’t understand?”
“The slaves; take me to their stalls.”
La Dona looked angrily at Irene.
“Si,” Irene turns, leading the way down the wide stone stairs then turning to Maria and asking, “Que pasa, Señora?”
“Very much to me but nothing that concerns you.”
“Si Señora.”
Arriving at the lowest landing, a staircase away, she stopped a moment noted by putting her hand on the dark stain on the stone walls, “Senora, the marks left by the hands of slaves as they guided themselves along the stairs, the rotting stench rising from the slaves sleeping quarters, the slaves themselves.” Maria noted the iron cages in-line with each other stretching from the darkness and a single lit torch in the distance…Once she effectively adjusted to the smell, Maria walked along the cages, looking…from behind appeared Quicando and soon as well, Padre Gonzales…both concerned with La Dona’s sudden interest in the slaves…
“Señora, how can we help you?”, said El Padre, “You seem bothered?”
Finally Maria slows to a cage holding Anani…
“I am.”
Unsure of La Dona’s needs they wondered and waited…
“Clean him!” Maria demands. “Quicando provide that Anani is given a bath and his wounds tended to…
“Bathe him…”
La Dona’s aides hesitate when she does not go or turn away… “I have seen a naked caballero before, clean him!”
The aides rushed about gathering wooden containers and filling them from water troughs along the walls at the bottom of the stairs. Two aides hauled one water filled container, propped it at the top of the cage and flipped to pour water over Anani’s head as he held onto an iron lattice to which he is chained crossing the ceiling. “This man, we treat him like an animal and they tend to our fields and gather our meals, my meals…” The water had washed away the earth and revealed a man… not a savage…
Maria stands before the Taino, Anani, while he sits alone in the cage…he stares back then rises in place… a lack of clothing leaves the Anani exposed, the ambient window light sculpting his physique out of the darkness…
Anani emerged from the mist arising from the water poured by the other slaves over his massive physique; his shoulders reflected the weak light still streaming in from outside, his strength and beauty appeared in a living silhouette.
They all converse about him as he listens and La Dona becomes even more of his listening and asks him if he understands what they are saying. He does understand what she says and is more aware, understanding and considerate of him.
“Gracias Señora…”
Surprised, she looked up as the rest did and she said…
“Tú entiendes?”
His voice a soft though deep timbre, resonant and clear, “Si Señora”…
Bath water drained lines of moisture, across his physique, onto the ground where he stood.
“Where do you come from?”
Anani cocked his head in wonder of the obvious…
“A savage land, Señora,” said Quicando
“I was asking him.”
“Si Señora”
“This land…this land that you have taken…no more savage than your land, that you have renamed La Isla de San Juan Bautista…I come from here, Senora, and it is far less savage than yours.”
“Are you saying that we have…”
“I speak the truth…”
“Are you a man?”
Quizzically, “Yes? Like any of these so called Spanish caballeros.”
“How did you learn our language?”
“Out of necessity; it is important that I know the language of my oppressors so that I can communicate and if necessary battle them with ease…to be in their mind to understand and be aware of their thought.”
“Amazing you believe you can battle the Spanish…”
“I don’t believe that I can, I must, we must defend ourselves; you give me, us no choice…”
The Spanish have infested our world with your customs and your diseases and your language…”
“You might consider me as one of your priests in a way, I teach the concerns of life and death.”
“Are you a man?”
“Like Spanish men?”
“A savage man…”spoke Padre Gonzalez
“Aren’t we all…savagery is an act of reckless abandon, brutal and severe to any other being…which the Spanish have done.”
“If you were a Spanish man perhaps.”
“What qualifies you to define the word?” Says Anani.
“We define the word and God qualifies us to do so…Why are you so different?”
“In what way, color, temper?”
“That is the color that I am, you are white and that is the color that you are, why? Because that is the color no more…”
“Leave!” Maria stepped forward to stand before all the others, even those chained in cages took note. “Leave the floor…” In shock and shame they all bowed their heads and quickly climbed the stairs to vacate the floor…except for Irene. Maria watched Anani, taking notice of the extent to which Anani is injured and…
“Irene find an ointment for Anani and for all the others…
“You have fallen in love, Maria.”
“Don’t be silly. Now off and find me the ointment.”
What do you want Anani
I want you Maria
You have me but there is more…
I need you to carry our child…
Baldo finds and he will kill us…
She imagines Matthias returned.
Maria returns to Anani and waits for the sounds of the other slaves of to dissipate
“I have ointment…for you and the rest…” and hands it to Anani to apply.
“Senora, I can’t reach whatever that is…”
“True…” she looks and sees no one is about, “I shall have to apply it myself, it is an ointment to apply and rub on your injuries, scoop it from the container and rub on the injuries to your skin…”
“It’s very similar to many ointments born from the jungle…”
“I’m sure…”
Irene is rushing down the stairs and finds Maria applying it on Anani herself and backs away from sight…
“Yes, do you need my assistance applying the ointment?”
“No Irene. I will do this myself.”
“The savage as well?”
“Yes, I can manage the man myself as well.”
Maria continues to apply the cream on Anani’s wounds as she listens for Irene’s steps to fade as she walks away. “Irene is gone. Can you speak quietly, in a whisper, so that no one can listen?
“Senora, my intentions and yours as well are innocent; there is nothing to fear, you don’t have to stay, but are you afraid?”
“True, and I am not afraid, perhaps I should or should be but I… I’m sorry, I feel I must and I am not concerned.”
“Minor remedies will not soothe years of pain. Your efforts are kind and I am grateful but your concern is unnecessary.”
Anani is somewhat unnerved by her presence but then she touches him….and smells him…
“My concern isn’t out of necessity, you are hurt.”
“I am, just scratches and bruises nothing major yet but I’m sure the bath helped and the ointment should as well.”
“Do you know about God?”
“Can you perceive, God.”
“Question what you perceive, what is every truth, even your most sacred of truths, one should never accept what you are told…everything must be questioned as I have done so long ago,” he said to Maria as she gently, very calmly rubbed the ointment on his injuries…”questioning does not mean disbelief but that you are not willing to accept what is given without a measure of practical clarity, then you know why and how. You won’t be like God but you will be informed… you are not saying God is wrong, you want to know the whole truth, trust God but question God…to ask why is to know…”
“Does it hurt?”
“The ointment?”
“No, it does not.”
“You talk as if you have spoken to God…”
“I believe I have… yours, mine, or both… I found myself open to all thought at once, to question and answers from me and to divinity, what I asked and thought was opened to me and discussed until my awareness was filled like a pool of divine water from which to draw from and quench my thirst when needed… the heavens, as we know them, had opened its doors and offered me a vast ocean of knowledge.”
“You have…”
“I have seen much, listened and learned much in my understandings, my lone adventures with The Gods and learned of them and their ways… sadly, relating how humankind is treated by greater beings as the Imperial nations treat natives…”
“Yes God, the heavens, is, are indifferent… We personify what we don’t know what we wish to know and doesn’t seem to be personified by itself…the universe is indifferent, God has a name because we really don’t want God to be indifferent, we want God to be strong and decisive, we want someone to tell us what to do as confirmation…we may assume we do what we want but we want confirmation of our father, our mother, because it assures us a greater being is aware of our needs….what a horror it could be to truly realize God is indifferent; doesn’t care instead has a singular purpose greater than our existence, that we are alone and we are truly self reliant…no one can tell us what to do, no one cares to tell us what to do…we were never abandoned but never even considered of relevance…what is the great revelation of our cosmic consciousness the we are essentially on our own…our place is to question the universe…and often the question goes unanswered. The questions, the answers are of no concern.”
“Baldo is gone and has left you alone to be yourself, assuming you will take charge what you believe is your opportunity to take control and show your ability… to show that you are aware… an opportunity to stand up for the truth and take a stand against the monarchy without the Monarchy being aware you have…”
“You are my teacher, lead from this darkness…teach me…”
“We are all Masters and each others tool…always care to learn, to teach, to know.”
I am lost in his breathe… the breathe of his knowledge, his care, his love…for me, for all. Maria held his arm, reaching down from his body as strong against the weight of gravity he was holding up her world now, with ease…his strength becoming hers…she felt he would soon impart something important to her…
Irene entered Anani’s cage, where he squat on toes deep in thought as she knelt, then sat in lotus beside him and applied the oil from a leaf to his injuries: considering her fondness for him…the light was still subdued casting a late afternoon blue light…barely any sound but quiet conversation from the other cages could be heard…
“Senora has already applied an ointment…”
Irene leans in close to note the scent upon him, “yes she has.” Looking up at him, she sat in his shadow, “did she apply it herself?”
“She did…”
“I didn’t know –”
“…that she would do such a thing?”
“Yes…she has changed, when first she came to the island she would never do that.”
“Where has she gone?”
“She’s asleep, resting. The day for her has been long…”
“She needs to learn…”
Irene backs away and with measured concern, asks…“Why are you here, Anani?”
”Irene, you do you know who I am.”
“I do and what you are but why are you here… as if I am not aware that you must have given yourself to the Spanish.”
Irene stood up from sitting on the grass, turned to the gate to step away from Anani then stood still for a moment, a thought suddenly held her then…
“Anani, she is a good woman, a good young woman… sacrifice, no.”
“No…she will pass our heritage…through our son…”
“She is not with child…”
Anani stayed in silence… then stood and walked away to stand with his back to Irene as she turned and hurried off away from the cage.
He imagined laying behind her, her back exposed revealing sutures, as if she had surgically been repaired or worse opened and a new Maria inserted.
Lessons / The Dancing Slave
The areíto or areyto was Taíno language word adopted by the Spanish colonizers to describe a type of religious song and dance performed by the Taíno people of the Caribbean. The areíto was a ceremonial act that was believed to narrate and honor the heroic deeds of Taíno ancestors, chiefs, gods, and cemis. Areítos involved lyrics and choreography and were often accompanied by varied instrumentation. They were performed in the central plazas of the villages and were attended by the local community members as well as members of neighboring communities.
“Senora, the slave.”
For a moment, Irene looked at Maria while she slept, “Maria, el esclavo está bailando…” she says.
Things were changing, for better or worse she didn’t know, but all would be different if Maria awoke to what she was saying. She had come to love and care for Maria like a daughter…she needed to be protected, to be set free how her father imagined, to become aware… Baldo had become her prison but never understood his role…Tomas knew and would soon at some point interfere and know what his role was becoming with respect to Maria’s place in it…
“Que?” said Maria…
Maria was in the climax of a dream, now she would know…
Oh that was a dream…
“Que senora?”
“I awoke from a dream… a child was in the dream, vivid… a child was calling for my attention, a wave from the shadows, so dark I couldn’t see but felt its call…”
“…and the child?” said Irene.
“It looked like you when it finally appeared it looked like you and stood before me but quickly stepped back to be overcome by the shadows having moved forward to overwhelm and drape the child in its darkness…”
The drums played like a madness expressed and rose from below, repressed expressed the
madness apparent.
Irene, as if she immediately knew the dream… “The slave, he is dancing?”
“Como? That is the noise, the noise… el esclavo está bailando…?”
“Stay here… let me look.” and slid forward off the bed to dress quickly in a shawl…
“Senora, I will come down with you…”
“No Irene, I must go myself.” And she darted from the room half dressed.
Maria reached the lowest level slowing to a near stop but stepping forward in a soft step as the other slaves awakened and watched Maria become aware… of the dancing slave…
Maria watched without calling attention to herself though it didn’t seem to matter to her…if he knew she where present, if she knew as well.
An exotic dance that first was overwhelming, confounding, every move a story, a part of a whole that was the soul of both their stories… and the words, that she had never heard before the song he sang in part with his dance… then found the drums from within.
He never stopped once he took note of her, she continued to watch, Anani dancing for her, to her… she slowly steps up to the iron mesh, placing her hands as she watched, enamored by his spiritual exhibition then perhaps not an exhibition but an expression of his sudden love for Maria, his deep love for home and the anger and hate for the Spanish that something whole within him was dancing, the dancing wasn’t him but from a larger being present in and out of them…
Anani stopped, not embarrassed but to explain the meaning of his expression.
It is an expression in movement, of the movement in our hearts… the expression not is as confused as it has ever been but the clearest in its cause the clearest in its result which no one would ever seem to have an answer for and there may be none…he questions with an answer he isn’t sure of, the question becomes the answer.”
Lost in his dance, why he continued the dance as she watched and he knew, they both knew why he continued she watched, they both watched each other while he continued. The dance, hallucinogenic for her as it had been for him as he danced and she watched, overwhelmed their desire, she came to understand the hate and fear he had for the Spanish. From this moment on she would see everything differently, know everything differently as she had become him to know him.
They fell asleep together in the cage and Maria awakens as the sun sets…he is still asleep, she watches as he continues, turned away his body rises and lowers with each of his sleeping breaths reach out to her heart she can’t help but let the shawl fall pulling down her undergarments at which point she could only want to press down upon him, awaken as she lay on him.
Everyone is aware of Maria’s change, good or bad.
Quicando had often been watching Anani while he slept, even then during the sleep period not trusting him. Even then assuming lack of trust someone totally vulnerable. Quicando never trusted black people…their origins vague and unknown if not fearful and came from distant lands. Their dark skin hiding their truth. “They are not to be trusted and will turn on each other for gain…and the S panish don’t? Dona, their recklessness has been documented by even the Church…And you trust the Church, Quicando? Yes, more so…”
The Indian Taínos celebrated their circumstances through a religious ceremony called Areyto.Music played a vital role in the history and culture of Borikén meaning in their language, the Land of God.
The Areyto is very much a warrior dance he shows her almost showing off his prowess as a Taino warrior…but there are many reasons for a warrior much includes taking a stand against oppression.
Anani speaks with Maria, asking of her life in Spain…she worries now, concerned he expects to die soon, that it is the last she will see Anani
Anani speaks of his estranged wife and his children…
“Si Irene?”
“They are in love.”
“You have seen this?”
“I have, everyone seems to and especially the slaves; I know…they carry on as though they have known each other for years yet they have only known each other but a few weeks. Everyone knows, their feelings for each other are clear and the danger they show no concern for is clear, Baldo will return.”
“It disgusts you?”
“No, their love for each other is pure; Baldo’s return frightens me… She nests with him in the cage, she speaks his language and learns his ways and I feel that I should stop their relationship but despite it, I love La Dona Maria as a child and see that she is happy and forbidding her love is not my place. She needs her father and her husband isn’t here to correct her…”
“Anani danced for her, his mannerisms evocative, erotic and very aggressive calling up feelings in her she’s never shown before.”
“Anani shows me, Irene, different ways that I understand and prefer….”
The slave secretly teaches her, finding that it is easier to teach her than it is to teach him. She learns his language and science and history and culture. She learns his myths and poetry. In turn, as she learns to communicate with him, he learns her ways too; though she knows little of her own world. She was brought up dumb and kept that way by society. She has become a show piece.
Irene, Maria’s only friend suggests she look for Sema to find help if ever she finds she must run Baldo…
There was that moment they both imagined they were alone but their love was a call to everyone, and everyone knew…
Maria has become addicted to Anani’s…
Maria grows fearful of being found out even by the servants…
She learns the beauty that he was taken from, and the horror of his journey.
Quicando, Irene and the others are especially aware of their friendship including Tomas’s aides who have been keeping notes of it all…
Conception, the light comes…
Irene confronts Anani alone, asking of his intentions in their romance…
Anani tells Irene of their growing love…
Much as any man, the desire of a companion becomes overwhelming and a woman as fresh and as pure as Maria is a gift, to know and want her more, to know of her and quench the desire is near unbearable… I worry for La Dona, that she has stepped beyond herself and her true calling…she has fallen for the Native, Anani.
Does she love him?
She does and he her…I know much about him, he has a woman he used to love but no longe. La Dona knows about life in the cage… as if she were a slave without the labor of the fields…
Irene suspects their love-making.
Yes, their relationship has grown from respect to one of desire to one of love.
Anani has never been with a woman like Maria. Her skin was very white, as if the Great Spirit had forgotten to apply color on his creation and left it to her to decorate herself; a rouge dressing softens the bite of her plump cheeks over a white paste on her skin, black mascara and liner around her eyes. But the rest of her body covered in milk, the skin soft and forgiving to be caressed with wanton desire, softly to avoid any injury…her soft lines and plump curves…
Lay in the grass of the cage that had become their bed of occasion…
Baldo was gone….
Maria reveals her cruel love for her father and tells Anani much of her past…
Irene watched, disconcerted and concerned at first she came to love them both…
Anani embraced conformity to survive…whereas one might move forward with might, to resist the fear and violence of the stance they presented and faced…
They bath together.
Everyone understood what had become for them both and worried that it would not last…
Maria’s plump began to show, their love endowed, bright was a storm no one wanted to confess was coming….
Anani was aware that she carried small but still her body was carrying their child…
Irene kept their secret…consoled Maria and supported their desire to run before Baldo returned…
“La Dona is with child. Do you realize the damage you have done”?
“I know exactly what I have done and I expected it.”
“A child?”
“She’s a grown woman more than able to make choices for herself…if she can make choices for the house.”
“…and your intention, the love you are showing to Maria, is it true…?”
“Yes, Irene…it is true. I came to find a woman to love, I allowed myself to be captured…hoping to fulfill a prophecy, find a woman I love to give birth to my child…with my guidance and desire to find someone who could carry on what he knows.”
A boy?
A child, un alma, goeiz(soul), morete(creator)…
Anani impregnated Maria with his child to carry on the Taino legacy…he unexpectedly fell in love with Maria.
Maria was very special to him and just before he died she understood she had to survive…
Anani wanted to see the child, hold the child in his arms and bestow his purpose but that wouldn’t be…the world moves too fast…
Irene’s keen love for La Dona worries his reaction to accept death will not be as well accepted by La Dona.
Anani cries to the heavens for guidance… I have never been with a woman like Maria. I do not recall my mother, she was taken from him while a child a renegade group to be a slave by an unknown warrior group .A tribal group equally as vicious as the Spanish, though less well equipped…perhaps to sold as many others have. Maria as such brings his mothers love back.
The Chapel, Padre Gonzalez and Los Taino Angels…
Perhaps…Irene had wondered if escorting Maria to visit the Chapel just outside of Baldo’s compound to attend confession, to awaken her latent love of Christ but instead she confessed her unspoken love of Anani and admits concern that pregnancy is upon her and the fear it foretells… “Irene, I am fearful…I am alone but for you…” she visits with Padre Gonzalez, chosen by Baldo and escorted across the ocean especially for extremism and general instability and great love and misinterpretation of ancient text, Padre Gonzalez was the perfect cleric who’s manic behavior would cause the populous to The Church and Balbo… Irene’s thoughts are much more fair of mind and less clouded…Irene has Maria visit the church to evaluate her need for the spiritual…Simply put, there is but there has been no spiritual need in her heart or soul until now….Gonzalez is Baldo’s lost cleric, apparently irrelevance. He tends to his own interests and disregards Baldo’s and the church’s.
After a very short insubstantial discussion with Padre Gonzalez, Irene and Maria, step out and walk along barren path where they come upon Sema partially hidden in a womb of bushes, chanting to guides… An ancient practice of The Taino and of others who speak to humankind that has yet to completely pass giving guidance to many of the worlds adept civilizations aware of its humanity and connection to the fabric of existence. Sema suddenly stops but her eyes still closed, stands and approaches Maria. Guiding her to kneel before her, Sema begins to chant, Channeling Taino angels who ask questions in the Taino language, translated by Irene (Sema channels only in Taino) Maria then answers in Spanish…
Sema knows of Anani’s truth and how dangerous he can be to the Spanish…
After the sisters is tested by demon seers.
Father / Momento Mori fear of death…
Don Lilo appears to Maria and they talk of the risk ahead…Your child is beautiful…you must protect the child from all the danger you will confront in the near future…
Elaborate on Maria’s pregnancy timeline; concerned about all the aides knowing she is pregnant, looking for signs of her pregnancy, how to hide it all from everyone, including Baldo…
Baldo returns Maria is pregnant but hides it from Baldo, who calls her fat. Maria confides in Irene about the pregnancy…
I couldn’t bring my self to kill the child…it kicked, in need it kicked, at need, when I touched it, it knew, I couldn’t bring myself to take its life and being our lives back where all was without complexities and conformed but the child spoke to me…
What did it say Irene?
No words but the intention was strong…it spoke, no words and they were filled with will…
Soldiers gather to chat their views and opinions of baldo, Tomas Domingo and anani
Sacrifice / Vision is a Naked Sword, means the truth when told or revealed can hurt, often does humankind can’t the truth. We can’t dictate the truth. Reality just happens and we must deal with the consequences. The consequences are the final truth.
Five weeks left for the child’s expected birth…
Anani wonders of what is about to come, The Master will return soon and Maria’s tender sprout will become evident and he must prepare, he will after defend and still welcome death…
You are fat, Maria… Perhaps a strict regimen of exercise will help…Baldo returns and immediately discovers Maria’s pregnancy and goes to see her, which he normally never does…
Her pregnancy is brought to Tomas’ attention by one Tomas’ aides, Ingenio…
A stormy sky picks up
But just a day or two of hiding her notice of the pregnancy creates enough stress to cause her to faint before Baldo and the doctor informs them that she is pregnant. Baldo is stunned. How could she be, she is a virgin. He orders the pregnancy aborted the child removed from her body. Dona is held down and the operation is performed. The infant is dark and fitful for a breath as it struggles to breath still alive. The dark baby tells him that she has had sex with the slave. Baldo orders it killed. Then he realizes as he walks away he turns to Maria and the servants and demands the child be kept alive until he returns so that he can kill it himself…Keep it alive! I’ll return to kill it myself after I kill its father
The slaves in the field are wildly alert to the fight and don’t want to get involved in the mêlée, scattering like wild insects they quickly fall away to the edges of the field and watch.
The Struggle of Existence
Embattled, existence…
Anani, alto, stood apart from Baldo,
though, the battle left him withered, weakend…
Baldo struggled to rise,
struggled to whisper Tomas’ name.
The soldiers circled Tomas as he stood command over Baldo and the field,
to protect Baldo and the crown…
looking back at Tomas as he walked into the melee. Turning to see the
mighty Anani, mighty yes,
Tomas thought to have a well trained, seasoned fighter he knew he would have to kill.
The soldiers workers saw Anani as a threat against each their trodden lives.
Baldo, the stronger fighter isn’t you. Tomas looked around at his men as they circled…
I can take care of this for you.
Baldo nodding with relief.
Please brother. Build a pyre, he calls out and a fire upon it…
we shall burn him like the God he imagines himself.
He wants to burn, it is his desire to burn as he wishes.
He will die as his wish. I shall give him his wish, his belief and desire, he has nothing else…
There are moments in life, the pain of life, the struggle bears down, but
ou continue to move forward until you encounter a wall of both, anguish and delight the pain brings you down then raises and you can see as far as can be imagined… Even further..
From a distance,
Maria can see the soldiers raise and collect about the wooden platform upon which the pyre rests…
Irene placates and calms Maria
the slaves stop they’re work. Watch and behold a ritual execution,
express their anger to watch Anani.
Anani dies on the cross, after Baldo stabs him in the gut several times,
blood spills out across streams of blood,
the sky opens
the rain grows strong,
the rain breaks becoming one and upon Baldo’s outstretched arm,
pouring out warm his life grows cold quickly as the blood pour’s hot,
Anani dies in the rain,
the slaves cry,
the soldiers cheer.
Tomas silently cheers while urging his soldiers to honor Anani’s death then express’ sorrow for his death
La Dona, Maria…
From afar,
can see her love die on the wooden stake, the flames mount the pyre from the mound of Kindle the soldiers collected
and placed at his feet…
The soldiers cheer in conquest…
As Baldo confronts Anani, neither understanding each others language of fighting but quite aware of their intent…Baldo rushes down the short stair case out to bound across the field toward Anani. Baldo walks up from behind Anani and hits him with the flat of his sword, causing a bloody wound on his back. Anani doesn’t go down as Baldo might have expected but without a weapon he turns to confront Baldo who takes another swing but Anani retreats a step to let it miss him but continues facing Baldo. Anani looks up to the balcony, seeing Maria hold the bloody newborn in her arms while urged by Irene to escape by Irene. Baldo looks back to see the same as he is slammed by Anani. Becomes even more enraged and attacks Anani who easily protects himself from each of Baldo’s violent thrusts…while Irene and Maria escape from the balcony. Tomas appears at the other end of the balcony to chase Maria down; his anger toward Maria just as venomous.
And in her heart the strength arises in the child call from her Father “Dando y dando, palomita volando”, she must run.
Irene stands in Tomas’ way and is beaten to death…
Baldo turns back toward Anani and swings a backhand at Anani as he stands tall, open and prepared for the edge of the blade against his exposed neck and see his love, run as he whispers “Corre a Maria, corre …you have seen the truth and through you all will learn and know the truth, you will not be alone as you move forward, all will see and learn and join the struggle. It will be long and grand and inevitable…” the long slow stare of death came upon him and he cherished what he saw…
It begins to rain in a torrent
Anani towers over baldo who towers over him
Anani writes to Maria on walls his cell
You are my weakness, you are my strength, look me on other and the force, that is me, that we are as one…
Tomas stays on the balcony, calls in soldiers brought in from the church to hang Anani construct a pyre, tie Anani to and set afire, the Spanish thinking it torture, it is the way Anani wants die, via cremation. Anani’s last thought is knowing he has died in glory, burned as he would at home. He recites the ritual to himself as the pain becomes numbing, and he dies.
With the help of Sema, Maria escapes, checks on the baby, looks back at the smoke rising from Baldo’s post.
Baldo continues to beat Anani as Tomas does the same to Irene.
Tomas continues to pursue Maria and the child, at first finding a small trail of blood she leaves that quickly dissipates and replaced by a blood trail from Irene’s fresh blood still draining from his weapon he used and his closed fists…Baldo appears from behind to join Tomas’ pursuit of Maria…but soon Baldo stops Tomas, realizing the chase is futile for now as troops and workers on horseback gather around to organize and pursue Maria…
Tomas flies aloft from the towers of Baldo’s home he sees below knowing that Sema is free with the child and Maria is free within the compound.
Domingo heroically but innocently leads the charge to find Maria, a futile heroic attempt…he sees love in Maria and himself the man she deserves…
Around the madness friends of Irene and Sema join to hide Maria, the child and help them run away…and create distraction Tomas becomes aware of.
Maria waited in the closet waiting for the silence to come, waiting for the commotion to subside until…
Maria & Tomas
“Tomas,” said Baldo, “I didn’t expect to find you here, but you are right, let her go…gather the soldiers and call them back.”
“No Baldo, she has not run away, she is still here.” Tomas looks around the room and walked toward the window, looking out the expanse of the forest.
“What do you mean Tomas? She has run.”
“Maria has not left, she is still here and still a great danger to us, to the crown, together she and the child are both a great danger.”
Sema hides Maria with father’s trinkets, running with the child from Baldo and Tomas to chase while Maria waits in hiding…
“I saw her run, I saw her get away with the child.”
Maria hides in the closet with the child’s cloth and whimpers.
“Dando y Dando…Maria,” Tomas says while stepping to the closet where Sema has hidden Maria with father’s trinkets, running with the child from Baldo and Tomas while Maria waits in hiding.
Tomas is aware of Maria’s trick, calling her out and challenging Maria… “Dando y dando, palomita, no se vuela?”
Tomas is aware of the switch, while the others give chase and is aware of Baldo’s reluctance to kill her, not seeing her as an immediate danger, Tomas sees Maria and the child as an even longer term danger and so sees Baldo’s weakness as a greater danger…Tomas confronts Maria in hiding while Baldo is witness and surprised… In this confrontation, Baldo sees Maria in danger and finds Tomas the true danger realizing over all that Tomas’s lust for power and notes his ruthlessness apparent…
Maria appears, revealing herself to Baldo as Tomas approaches the closet.
Maria speaks the truth to Baldo, revealing her changes, the blood painting a different set of clothing.
Tomas, reveling in his vindication, comes around to stand behind his brother.
Tomas beats Baldo them cuts his throat, killing him… Hermano, I do love you but I see the mistakes you have made all along and I have clearly seen answers the answers to all your mistakes and your death will correct so much that lingers like waste in our path. There is no time to ponder this dilemma, the loss of Anani…She is alone.
Maria sees and reveals Tomas as the greater danger of the brothers… Baldo was the kinder and the brother most easy to turn…Tomas the danger in hiding, Maria sees Tomas kill Baldo, Maria finds Baldo dead with Tomas bloodied uniform, saying nothing, standing still as Maria walks in…She backs away and runs off…Tomas chases and then loses her…
Tomas introduces the inquisitors who kill Baldo…
“Maria, The Spanish Church has sanctioned my intentions. El futuro es El Nuevo Mundo As much as I am they are afraid of the change and equally bold and unafraid. El Nuevo Mundo es cambio. Baldo doesn’t fit…
As I have written elsewhere, Tomas becomes the predator, the animus to Maria’s surprise escape, her quest…
Tomas knows Maria it’s dangerous, why, he doesn’t know nor does Maria know why Tomas chases her and only cares to escape Tomas’ madness…
Tomas had amassed a small posse to catch her, mercenaries of God finding a cause in the capture of Maria. All in a massive tribute and of allegiance to The Spanish Church. The belief the Spanish papal Inquisition will rise again.
Tomas recalls his meetings with the church’s still papal Inquisition looking for a place to be…Tomas bringing them a crusade they had not thought of… The church’s needs come first and at all others costs… Tomas is their means to grow and be alongside mankind’s growth to control it and benefit their from needs at mankind’s expense…
Having the same first name as Torquemada fashions himself a ruthless inquisitor of days gone by…
Comes upon Sema, a friend of Irene’s for assistance…
Sema is a Taino woman, a friend of Irene…
Returns after the massive search for her, as the search for her winds down, all remaining at the house before departure immediately accuse Maria of killing Baldo…
A conversation amongst authority and friends wonder of Maria’s complicity in Don Baldo’s death, was it her, an unknown assailant, political intrigue
But Domingo questions Tomas as he implies his complicity in Baldo’s death… Tomas draws the challenge. Señor, Maria is the only one to gain from such an act…
And you Tomas are to gain from it all in the end…
Maria finds Don Baldo’s body, dying, the assailant gone. Baldo begs for help but Maria watches him die. She cries realizing her whole life is dying as well in all the insignia Baldo wore…she gently touches the badges he’s wearing, why is he wearing them? Her world is gone…
Maria ignored her Father’s death at the hands of Tomas and Baldo…until she escaped Baldo…now she ignores Baldo’s death at the hands of Tomas….where once she had her Father now all she has the child who she nick-named after her father…and Anani…
Maria realizes that she must run…
She mourns for Anani, terrified for her child, afraid for herself but feeling primed for action, to move on…she talks to the child as if she’d always been a mother, she actually mourns for Baldo and terrified of Tomas who she now realizes as the real monster hiding in the shadows…
She mourns for Anani, terrified for her child, afraid for herself but feeling primed for action, to move on…she talks to the child as if she’d always been a mother, she actually mourns for Baldo and terrified of Tomas who she now realizes as the real monster hiding in the shadows…
Tomas stood on the precipice of all that he imagined, all that he had prepared for… all was preparation for this moment, he never imagined what that moment would be like if he was sure that moment would ever come but he knew he should always prepare knowing that that arrived who could seize it, he would know to “capitalize” on it and act when he recognized it, that moment would be his and his alone. He could depend on no one else.
Tomas was always capable of taking care of himself, since he’d become aware and what he was capable of in relation to others, life with an indifferent father who found no interest from or in his father but knew he could learn from that lack of relationship and those of others as he encountered them. Most others in any relationship saw him as distant, occupied with more important things than any one else. Tomas never felt alone or lonely but occupied always, feeling that others were often of no interest. If others were interested in him he was not interested in them…
Most of what was of interest in his life was now gone; but what he was truly interested in, if not really a burden, had escaped.
Maria was a costly inconvenience to him…living off his brother, Balbos, life Tomas was working out well and he was beginning to act on it when she appeared in his life…he could do nothing about Maria at all but just that she would always be a concern if her fortunes changed, his benefits were at risk… her presence in his thoughts were burdensome enough to eliminate her immediately but still he had goals to meet as if her presence didn’t exist…the show would go on…
Don Lilo appears to Maria,
They consider the the risk ahead…
Maria, “el nino, como se llama”?
Maria longingly looks up from the child to her Father,
“He wants to know”, she notes“.
“Si..? My heart aches, it will be difficult, I have the most confidence in your efforts, I always have, but there is still concern…”
“I will always be by your side, in person thought or feeling… I never imagined this incredible feeling of hope connected with you…”
Maria cherishes the child, speaks to the child…
Maria hides in the fields, Maria then makes it the Marina…finding friends, never imagining she knew she had, new and old along the way who helped find transport to the new world…
Many die in Maria’s effort to escape with the child…
While on the run, Maria encounters Anani’s wife and family… She communes with them and learns much of anani and tells of his death
Tomas kills Domingo but loses Maria who sets sail.
Maria falls for another man. The captain who will command her ship to the nice world.
Some identifying amulet or ring…that she bestows on the child’s blanket…
The child is Anani’s gift…Lilo-Anani
Maria arrives in the new world via a trade ship with the child a small bag with some clothes, money and a trinket from Anani, she accepts the assistance of so many to accept what she has and to move on
Maria’s arrival in the new world, as a stowaway on a merchant ship to flee a stagnant life in Europe and discover the world of her greatest love…it is not what she expected…the horrors of conquest, the horrors of what the Spanish were doing to the new world…as they had tried to do to the old.
Maria arrived in the new world when she arrived in Puerto Rico, under the guise of doubt, without intention but like so many throughout history, lack of intention is a Trojan horse until the anger of truth awakens…
She meets those who know of her love…
Truth is anger, a mad dog awaiting revelation hidden in shadows cast by deception…
Maria is no longer La Dona, just a woman among more of the oppressed looking and finding herself… Maria Consuelo De Abate.
She sees the oppression and the subjugation of the natives and their world and liberally compares it to her own, though literally different…she knows theirs is not the world of privilege she enjoyed but it is a privilege of choice she has the slaves don’t have…until now.
Maria must navigate tread the new world with her only love, the child of her and the new world the oppression, the fruit of her love and the love of Anani…
There are many dangers in the new world, there are many dangers in the old…and they will follow into the new… circumstance has guided her to a place on the fence leaning toward the new and thus it is where she will go…once you have chosen to go forward after so much that has occurred, going back isn’t necessarily the best option…there are consequences no matter the choice…choosing the consequence that best may result in a positive outcome is the choice you make…she recalls the consultations of her father who saw great potential in her as a child and hoped she would grow beyond Maria’s mother to settle in Spain’s status quo…
Tomas continues to adopt Baldo’s achievements as familial if not his own to protect him from punishment…
Tomas can’t find Maria at the Port and fears he has lost her but vows to continue despite Domingo’s suspicions…
She can hear him call out but he can’t see her
Domingo takes Tomas under charge of arrest until a military inquest is held…
Domingo, talks to an aide to watch Maria, keep an eye on her…
Maria hide while waiting for Domingo to take Tomas
The Rage of The Church
Surrounded and supported by violent hard right church renegades who are moving to the new world to have power…
Tomas returns with a bigger crew, the inquisitors…
The church is concerned about the child, the new Christ child to subjugate the Christ they fashioned over 1000 years…
As I have written elsewhere, Tomas becomes the predator, the animus to Maria’s surprise escape and quest…
Tomas knows Maria is dangerous, why, he doesn’t know nor does Maria know why Tomas chases her and only cares to escape Tomas’ madness…
Tomas had amassed a small posse to catch her, mercenaries of God finding a cause in the capture of Maria and allegiance to Tomas and his cause…
Tomas recalls his meetings with the church’s still collective papal Inquisition looking for a place to be…Tomas bringing them a crusade they had not thought of… They have purpose again…Maria and the child give them reason to enter the New World as bringers of their truth…
As if they were on a concert tour to bring the old world to the new world a new way which was terrifying…
Having the same first name as Torquemada fashions himself a ruthless inquisitor of days gone by…
guided if not led by Tomas doing the old worlds bidding…
Tomas amassed soldiers to fulfill his needs including Maria and the child
El Sol en el Horizonte, de Nuevo
Looking into the sun resting on the horizon, Maria Consuelo De Abate stood with her son, Lilo’Anani, wrapped in a blanket left them from a Taino woman named Ana, Anani’s wife. Lilo’Anani rose from the warmth of Maria’s bosom, pulling away from the nipple, to look over the soft edge of existence, eyes widened she would recall her father’s hope, much as the child seemed to want as well, forever seeking to compose the reality of God’s creations…
Yes at my age, i said it, despite not feeling it, but knowing,
i am old
If i were 20, the connotation would be so different,
“at my age i have so much time left”
But at my age, i don’t
Don’t count your wins and losses until the games over,
though almost there, i assess them, for i don’t have much time left
Knowing that, i feel there’s more to do, that i can, i am not done
Who do i have to talk to for an extension;
do i just bang it out to the bitter end,
or bail and grab a comfortable chair to sit in until i reach port
I like driving in the left lane, keeping up with traffic…
Exiting only, to see whats new, otherwise,
sunset bound until the road ends…
The world turns never chooses but inhabits its future as it does.
We accept the past present and future without question,
ours is to survive what life presents us.
We have no say to dictate what is to come.
We are but the tail.
As she looked to the sun resting on the horizon,
La Dona Maria stood on the edge of the island with her son, Opi’Anani,
wrapped in a blanket left them from a Taino woman on the island named Ana.
Opi’Anani rose from the warmth of Maria’s bosom,
pulling away from the nipple, to look over the edge
and see the soft edge of
existence, eyes widened…
and seeking to compose the reality of God’s creation…
The oppressors lie to the oppressed as well as to themselves that they are good, that they do no not oppress anyone, they use non-oppressive words and means to get what they want from the slaves The slaves or workers just don’t get compensated… There are ways to not compensate without enslaving… Providing shelter and provisions is not slavery